Kamaflage the skin


For scarring, tatoos, freckles,bruises,burn scars, birthmarks, age spots, rosacea, and varicose veins! Our heavy-duty Kamaflage creme works to cover every skin flaw.

CappuccinoCappuccino    Caramel CremeCaramel Creme           Coffee BeanCoffee Bean

Dark CremeDark Creme     Dark OliveDark Olive                   Lite China DollLite China Doll

Lite Ivory BeigeLite Ivory BeigeLite Olive BeigeLite Olive Beige          Medium Olive BeigeMedium Olive Beige

Natural BeigeNatural Beige    Natural Beige MediumNatural Beige MediumNatural CremeNatural Creme

Nude CremeNude Creme       Nude Olive Nude Olive                  Soft PecanSoft Pecan